Last Edited Mar 2, 2015


On each page, click on the add on icon at the top of the right sidebar to go to the page on where you can assign it to your porject.

Spacer provide an easy way to add vertical space in your page.
Weather anywhere in the world on your concrete5 site. A Block for viewing the current weather at a given location.
because people get lost easily...
Add full screen background images to your page.
Display a random testimonial on your website. You can easily manage your testimonials within your dashboard. Real easy to set up and display shows a nicely formatted output of one testimonial at a time.
Long pages? Get a simple free block to get your visitors back to the top fast.
Views a PDF file at your site. Choose your PDF via file browser, give it width and height and display it inline at your site.

Welcome to Performance C5

This site is setup to test addons for concrete5 version 7.

Opt In: I have a review of the Opt In block which works quite as expected but since I find these things offensive I removed it.

Under Construction: This really works well but when you install it routes everybody to a designated page no matter what you click on. Not good on a live site.